Mina Bagiota

Managing Partner MB Branding Company


Mina Bagiota is a Brand Builder, PR & Communications Strategist and Media & Social Media Expert. She is a graduate of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens-Department of Economics and has also studied Costume Design, Journalism, Public Relations and Social Media.  

She has over 20 years of experience in journalism and has held positions of responsibility in television, print and online media. She has worked with the Greek Business Channel, TEMPO, Real News, The Free Press, the Sunday Press, the Golden Opportunity, the newspaper Value, City Press, Career Options, HR Professional, the newspaper the Insured, Top Woman, Travel ET, newsit.gr, kariera.gr, skywalker.gr and more, covering business and travel reports. 

Alongside journalism, in 2002 she began working as a Strategic Communications Consultant, marketing and branding for companies and executives, politicians, institutions, educational organizations and start-ups (People for Business, City Unity College, Kontaki Design, Treasure Lab, Yoleni’s, OP Performance & Well-being, Socital, AMNIS Learning & Growth, Blanchard Greece & Cyprus, MVS, Plushost, Ministry of Interior General Secretariat for Equality, Corporate Social Responsibility Network, Minaluxuryhotels, Entrepreneurship Education Program, etc.). The companies she has worked with are active in Greece, Cyprus, Germany and the United Kingdom.

In 2016 she created Minaluxuryhotels, (www.minaluxuryhotels.com), a high-end boutique & luxury hotels website in Greece, offering premium branding services and managed to become widely known within just 2 years, following the appropriate communication strategy. 

A year ago, in 2019, she founded her new company, Mina Bagiota Branding Company, aiming to offer the Greek market modern and innovative branding, executive branding and strategic communication services that are directly linked to the digital business transition. 

Mina Bagiota’s strong suits include personal & executive branding – she has been able to showcase leading personalities in both business and politics – and her strong involvement in social media and in particular LinkedIn – social media. She has a total of 40,000 followers, 25,000 of which are on LinkedIn. All this has led her to create two innovative services for the Greek market, which are the latest trend in America. These are: CEO and Leadership Communication Strategy and Social Media Strategy for CEOs.

MB Branding Company


MB Branding Company is a strategic communication company that provides a host of services to help you design, build, accelerate and communicate personal branding and your business brand in the new era and especially in the digital world.  We specialise in corporate brand strategy and development for CEOs and executive leaders and in hotel branding.